CLL10 Trial

Title Phase III trial of combined immunochemotherapy with Fludarabine, Cyclophosphamide and Rituximab (FCR) versus Bendamustine and Rituximab (BR) in patients with previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
Protocol IDs EUDRACT-2007-007587-21
NCT00769522 (08.10.2008)
Participating Countries Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland
Status completed
Contact DCLLSG Office: Tel. +49 (0) 221-478-88220
Design Prospective, international, multicentre, open label, 2-arm randomized (1:1) phase III study
Primary Endpoint(s) progression free survival (PFS)
Secondary Endpoints - the duration of remission
- event free survival (EFS)
- overall survival  (OS)
- MRD, complete response rates and partial remission rates
- response rates and survival times in biological subgroups
- rates of toxicities
- quality of life
Study Population B-CLL:
Stage Binet C or stage Binet B and A requiring treatment
No 17p deletion detected by FISH
No pretreatment
Age  ≥ 18 years
Treatment Total of 6 cycles, each with a duration of 28 days:
Fludarabine: 25 mg/m² i.v., days 1-3
Cyclophosphamide: 250 mg/m² i.v., days 1-3
Rituximab: 375 mg/m² i.v., day 0, cycle 1
Rituximab: 500 mg/m² i.v., day 1, cycle 2-6
Bendamustine: 90mg/m² i.v., day 1-2
Rituximab: 375 mg/m² i.v., day 0, cycle 1
Rituximab: 500 mg/m² i.v., day 1, cycle 2-6
Patients recruited 564 patients
Time schedule Recruitment period: 02 Oct. 2008 - 11 Jul. 2011
End of study: Jan. 2018
Clinical Study Report / Publication: scheduled for Jan. 2019
End of archiving period: Jan. 2028
Sponsor University of Cologne
Coordinating Investigator Prof. Dr. Barbara Eichhorst, Internal Medicine I, University Hospital of Cologne
Publications Kurtz DM, Esfahani MS, Scherer F, Soo J, Jin MC, Liu CL, Newman AM, Dührsen U, Hüttmann A, Casasnovas O, Westin JR, Ritgen M, Böttcher S, Langerak AW, Roschewski M, Wilson WH, Gaidano G, Rossi D, Bahlo J, Hallek M, Tibshirani R, Diehn M, Alizadeh AA
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Lancet Oncol. 2016 Jul;17(7):928-42